Quebeck-Walling Utility District
281 West Bockman Way
Sparta, TN 38583
Phone : 931-836-2147

Customer Contracts
Customer Contract form completed by customer
Copy of Drivers License
Copy of Deed if Owner
Copy of Lease if Renting


New Service:

Meter Tap $1000.00
Deposit $ 50.00
(no service fee charged)

Regular Service:

Owner: $75.00
$50.00 deposit
$25.00 service fee

Established accounts requesting additional accounts will be processed as newly established accounts with all fees applicable.

Tenant: $125.00
$100.00 deposit
$25.00 service fee

Unlock fees:
To reconnect service $50.00 (Effective 2/1/2021)
Tamper fee(locks cut or meter tamper) – $100.00 (Effective 2/1/2021)
Short-term Finals: $25.00 to unlock & turn-on. Applies when deposit has been paid. Ex: vacations, vacant lots, long-term vacancies.